Australian ETA Visas
    Travelling to Australia? Everyone needs an Australian visa and you are in
    the right place.

    The electronic Australian visa (ETA) system has been in place since 1999
    for tourist and business stays of less than 3 months.

    Fast Oz Visa has been licensed since 2000 to use the ETA system to
    conveniently arrange this Australian ETA visa for you. You need this
    Australian ETA visa to board a plane or cruise ship to Australia.

    The total cost of your Australian visa is A$16 (~US$14.509.50,
    Euro 10, Can$15). There are no hidden or extra charges. Our service
    is guaranteed - no Australian visa, no fee.

    All you need is a passport issued by an eligible country and a credit card.
    Eligible countries are listed in the dropdown list below:

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We gather the
details from
your passport
We arrange your
Australian visa in
the Government's
ETA electronic
visa database
We confirm your
Australian visa
by email, fax or
When you travel your
airline or cruise ship
will access and confirm
the Australian visa in
the Government's